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Children's FAQ'S

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Yes, treatments are carried out by a licenced acupuncturist, accredited by the British Acupuncture Council. The needles that are used are pre- sterilised and disposed of after single use.


What happens in the treatment session?

In most cases I will send you a welcome letter and a children’s consultation form to fill out before your child comes to their first treatment. On the form you can put down the child’s main compliant and other relevant issues they may have.

During the treatment session I will be asking the parents/guardians and child questions related to their main complaint as well as asking about other areas of their life like sleep, digestion, bowel and toilet habits, temperament, food and taste. As it is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis I will also be looking at the child's tongue and reading their pulses; from all of these diagnostic tools I aim to gleam as much information as possible for a clear and thorough diagnosis. I might also examine the body and back, and if necessary feel for relevant glands.

Once diagnosis has been made the patient will be treated according to their needs using either Acupuncture, Tui Na, Moxa, painless point stimulation or perhaps through a combination of each.

Also during the treatment session I will provide relevant dietary information and any lifestyle advice that I feel may be suitable in order to help your child regain better health, balance and wellbeing.


What does it feel like?

For some children the thought of acupuncture can seem quite daunting at first. I find once they experience it however, they soon realise that its not that bad. The needles are tiny and the sensations felt are very minimal and for only a brief second. Most of the time the needles are not retained only inserted and are stimulated by moving them a little in and out. Children say it feels like a tingle or a little pricking sensation; normally, after this sensation is felt, the needle is then swiftly removed.

If children are old enough, about 6 years old and upwards, they soon understand that the benefit greatly outweighs the small sensation they may feel, especially when they notice their symptoms start to reduce and they begin to feel better in themselves. Below the age of 6 it can be a bit difficult for them to be reasoned with and for them to understand about treatment but with the support and cooperation of parents we can make it a pleasant and pain free experience.

There are some children who can be very sensitive to needles and also quite apprehensive when coming for treatment. They may bring with them other previous experiences that cause them to be fearful, maybe from injections or past operations in hospital. In these less common instances if the child is inconsolable there is the option to have TuiNa - Chinese medical massage or moxabustion. This is a very relaxing and tonifying treatment, a great alternative for the very nervous and frightened child.

Other children are not fazed at all and really look forward to their next session. In my experience most children will give it a try and are brave.


How long is a treatment?

I like to spend at least an hour and half in the first session where a full medical history, consultation and treatment will take place. After this, sessions are approximately 30 minutes to one hour depending on the child’s needs.


How many sessions will my child need?

I have found that children respond very well to acupuncture some more quickly than others depending on their condition. Usually there will be some response to treatment within the first three sessions. Understandably acute conditions are quicker and easier to treat. Where as long standing chronic conditions are treatable, it can take a little longer to see results. Usually it can take from 1-10 sessions. I will go through this with you in your initial consultation.


How much does it cost?

For a full price list please choose “Costs” from the side menu bar on the right or the main menu bar at the top of the page.


Do Children have to sit still during the treatment session?

Absolutely not!! Treatments can take place while asleep, on a parent or guardians lap or even whilst playing.